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Welcome to Auckland Maxi Taxi Service

We have a fleet of Toyota Hiace 11 seater vans and offer 24/7 affordable door to door service. We have fixed prices for most of your travel needs and have special offers for airport, tour and wedding bookings. Our super friendly drivers are NZTA approved, experienced and reliable to give you a safe and comfortable trip.

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Why choose us ?

Safety Guaranted

All our vehicles are regularly serviced, inspected and have current Certificate of Fitness (CoF), including security cameras as per NZTA requirements.

NZTA Cleared Drivers

All our Drivers are registered with New Zealand Transport Agency and have current Passenger Endorsed License with (PSL). All drivers have been driving in New Zealand for more than 7 years with excellent driving records.

Cheap and Affordable Auckland Airport van Taxi Services

There are many benefits of Auckland airport van taxi services. For one, they are convenient. You can hail a taxi from just about anywhere, and they will take you to your destination. Taxi services are also relatively quick. You can usually get to your destination faster in a taxi than you could if you were driving yourself.
Another benefit of Auckland Van taxi services is that they are relatively safe. Taxi drivers are typically experienced professionals who know how to get around safely. They also undergo background checks and are regulated by the government, so you can be sure that they are not criminals.
Finally, taxi services are usually affordable. While the price will vary depending on the company and the distance you are traveling, it is typically cheaper to take a taxi than it is to drive your own vehicle.